Imagine A Life Where You Can Work From Wherever You Want?

Are You Working Your But Off And Not Seeing Any Results?

Been There! Done That!

5 years ago, I was just like you working a 9-5. I was a DREAMER... A Solo Mom that had only wished to be able to work a flexible schedule to stay home with my family. I was an Associate Director for a Career Services Dept and I used to help people find jobs. I slowly started making resumes for people on the side. YES! I was making some extra money, but it wasn't the income that I needed to support my household. From resumes I started charging people to help them look for work.

Life Happened...

The Universe forced me to make a decision. DO I WANT TO PLAY IT SAFE AND STAY AT THIS JOB? OR... WOULD I LIKE TO GIVE MY DREAM A TRY? There was one connection after another and before I knew it I became a Virtual Assistant. This was a complete sink or swim situation for me. I wasn't getting a Full-Time payroll check anymore and I needed to bust my a$$ to bring in the same kind of money that I was used to. I spent countless hours learning how to's.... and trying the what if's... Until I finally discovered a system. A system that people hire me to implement for them. And it kind of went over my head at first, but after working my home office and grasping for the wind for 2 years. It finally began to make sense... "If EVERY SINGLE one of my clients hires me to implement a system that helps generate leads than why am I not using this system for my own business?"

That's When All The Magic Started...

And now I choose who I'd like to service on my terms and around a schedule that works best for me! Believe me, I know how hard your working! That's why I WANT TO HELP YOU! I work for clients in different stages of their businesses, but I mentor start-ups like yours. I help creative entrepreneurs overcome their beginning business struggles so they can grow their dreams. It's my passion to hold your hand and walk you through the systems you need to get your ideal client. IDEAL CLIENT = MONEY. So my question is this. Do you have the time to hit and miss or would you like to learn how you can start selling your services in as little as 30 days?