You’re Giving Your Power Away…

You're giving your power away
You're giving your power away

You're Giving Your Power Away... What does that mean?

Are you feeling undeserving of all things good in life because you can't really be yourself?

You should feel undeserving! I mean, that would be selfish of you. As women we were raised to find self worth by constantly helping others so we can earn their acceptance admiration, and love... :/


I've spent years giving my personal power away, feeling unworthy or even afraid to ask for love without first paying for it. I felt like I always had to do something for someone else first, before they would show me they cared.

I've had to learn the hard way, and like most of us, we were never taught anything about OUR PERSONAL POWER. We continue to let people or situations control us, and we are loosing our energy by giving our power away...

How Do You Know When you're Giving Your Power Away?

Personal Power affects how you feel about yourself and determines whether things in your life are working or not.

Are you:

  • Feeling a lack of confidence?
  • Loosing self control?
  • Not able to know to do right for what is best for you?

When we do not speak up about our feelings, or we do not set healthy boundaries for our-self, we start to bottle things up inside, and when we bottle things up inside, we create emotional BLOCKAGES that block the flow of  our energy.

Release Blocks = Increase The Flow Of Energy

What's all this energy talk?

It's true! We have channels that run through our bodies. These channels are called meridians that help our energy. Each meridian forms a circuit of energy that is meant and needs to constantly flow.

  • If money keeps falling through your hands - it's because you've given your power away
  • If you have problems with relationships - it's because you've given your power away
  • If you feel tired and fatigue - it's because you've given your power away

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