7 Tips To Market Your Business On A Start-Up Budget

How are you promoting to get maximum exposure with the least amount of marketing dollars? Everyone wants to increase Sales & Dominate the competition without wasting money. So what are you doing to create new and innovative ways to bring in profit? Because when all is said and done, Return On Investment (ROI) is all that really matters anyways… RIGHT? Join me this next week as I talk about 7 Tips To Market On A Start-Up Budget.

#1 Blog/Article Marketing

Article Marketing is the practice of providing helpful, newsworthy content to a print or online publication. Identify publications and internet sites you would like to be featured in–publications your target audience is reading.

Plan Your blog

Use my Blog Planner to map out a plan

  1. What date are you planning to post?
  2. What type of post are you planning to post? Click Here
  3. Topic – Stuck on coming up with a Blog Topic? Click Here
  4. Category
  5. Offering at the end of post – (i.e., “To learn more about “xyz” and get a copy of (free offer) visit our website at…” or, “If you want to accomplish (big goal) register for our free monthly seminar at…” or “To experience _______ firsthand, come join us for a tour of our facility…”.)
  6. SEO Keywords –  use this FREE tool to identify your keywords Google Adwords Tool. Enter your domain name or the Blog page you are trying to optimize. Google will search the website and return a list of suggestions based on the content they’ve found.
  7. SEO Description
  8. Blog Title – Stuck on coming up with a Blog Title? Click Here
  9. Blog Headline – Top 3 Converting Headlines Are:
    • How To…The headline lets them know that you are going to teach them how to do something. ” How to find more clients”
    • Ask a Question…That you know your reader will want to learn. ” Would you like more clients? “
    • Lists…Everyone has a list, use these to share your best tips in one place. ” 5 ways to find clients.“

Take advantage of my Yearly Blog Planner

Share Your blog

The purpose of sharing your blog is to encourage others to start Bookmarking your website. Social Bookmarking explained   Bookmarking is when you come across a website that you plan to save for future reference or read. You click the star on your search bar to bookmark that website to your computer. SO, when you send a friend or family member a link to a website you think that they might be interested in, you are social bookmarking.   Social bookmarking sites are:

Here are a list of high profile sites that will help index your blog on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When these major search engine can index your website/blog than this helps place you on the first pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Advertise Your Blog

Keep It Simple Most people have a short attention span. Be honest with yourself! When you sit to watch T.V. and something doesn’t interest you, you change the channel? Same thing applies here. Create a short video commercial about your blog. After your done editing, upload it here:

You can use Screen-O-Matic to screencast if you aren’t ready to record yourself. Screen-O-Matic lets you record your screen while you voice over the video. These two platforms are great for your video editing:

Submit A Classified Advertisement – These sites are very similar to Craigslist Submit one or two sentences to have your audience take action and lead them back to your blog. Try to include your keyword phrase.

Create A Radio Show- Name your radio show after your Keyword Phrase. Example: If my key word phrase is “Marketing On A Budget”, than I’d probably name my Blog Show “Marketing On A Budget with the Online Marketing Mentor – Nena Lucero”. Blog Talk Radio      

Learn 5 Steps To Rapidly Increase Your Blog Traffic Here


You’re in business to share your gifts, talents and solutions with the world. But we all know that you can’t stay in business if you don’t get paid. One of the biggest and most important challenges entrepreneurs face is connecting consistently with new prospects—people who want, need and are prepared to pay for one’s goods and services.   Whether speaking with clients, colleagues, friends or new acquaintances, remember that almost everyone has the potential to either become a new client or refer clients. You will find opportunities to talk about your business everywhere you go.   With that said try to incorporate your services at the end of every blog that you write!  

This Week I Challenge You To Practice The Schedule Below:

  • Monday

Plan Your Blog – Put all your thoughts on paper. If you have the time, plan your blogs a month in advance. Make things simple and practice by offering the same service and plan to create blogs around your offering. Time: 1 Hour Max

  • Tuesday

Write Your Blog – Create a relaxing atmosphere. Light some candles, put on some motivational music, or drink a glass of wine if you have to. The point is to have a clear mind. A clear, relaxed mind allows your creative juices to flow. Time: 3 Hours Max

  • Wednesday

Share Your Blog – The more we share the more exposure we have. How cool would it be to know that someone across America has bookmarked your blog/website because they thought it was cool enough to save for later. Time: 1 Hour Max

  • Thursday

Advertise Your Blog – Go hard for yourself. You need to become your BIGGEST FAN! Advertising doesn’t mean that you have to sound so saleszy, but you do have to believe in what you have to offer. You heard of the saying “I can hear your smile through the phone”. The concept applies here too. Time: 1 Hour Max

  • Friday

Promote Your Blog Through Social Media – Your personal friends and family are NOT your target audience, so it isn’t good enough to just post about your new blog to you Facebook timeline. Keep in mind that you do not need to have a presence on every single platform. Test what works best for what you are offering. Linked-In & Facebook work best for me… Time: 2 – 3 Hours Max  

E-mail Me Direct With Your Questions – nena@nenalucero.com


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This was all gibberish and you need a little more help:

Because you are new to Online Marketing Or Because you’re a scratch and sniff learner Or Because you still have no flipping clue as to what to do

That’s Great Because I’m Offering:

3 hours of MONTHLY one-on-one time

Four 45 Minute Face-to-Face (via skype,zoom,google hangouts) Coaching sessions where we will deep-dive into your business (or business idea) and create a blueprint for you that will give you clear direction moving forward.

To Help Create Your Offer

~ We will brainstorming ideas TOGETHER until we have a solid plan. We will map out enough promotion ideas to last you a year. I will provide Marketing Budget spreadsheets that I am going to help fill out for you. Don’t worry, we will also talk about Marketing techniques that DO NOT cost any money.

~ Dive into the numbers side of things to guarantee your turning more clients into paying customers.

~ Get down to the nitty gritty on how to be setting your goals AND your prices so that your sales are helping you reach your goals

~ Learn to adjust your sales plan each month

~ Learn how ‘your voice’ can make or break your business

To Help Set-Up Your Sales Funnel

~ We will map out your Landing Page and how the system will flow.

~ During our call we will choose a website name together. We will purchase your website name

~ You will learn lead generating systems nailed down to the T! Sales funnels, landing pages, and everything in between

~ You will learn how you can make passive income by offering what you know! Everyone wants it, let’s get yours to scream success over others

~ Learn to set your Landing Page on auto-pilot so you can focus on more important projects like talking to prospective clients.

To Help Build Your E-mail List


~ We will brainstorm ideas to create your offer, FREEBIE or Opt-In. These will help you grow your e-mail list organically. You should know that your money is in the list!

~ I will help you get set-up with Newsletter subscription services

~I will help you set up an e-mail flow system with autoresponders that you can set and never have to touch again

~ I am even going to give you my e-mail templates ($149 Value)

~ I will teach you systems that FEEL GOOD and work for you!

~ You will learn lead generating systems nailed down to the T! Sales funnels, landing pages, and everything in between

~ You will learn how you can make passive income by offering what you know! Everyone wants it, let’s get yours to scream success over others

~ Learn to set your Landing Page on auto-pilot so you can focus on more important projects like talking to prospective clients.

To Help With Your Social Media & Blogging


~NO you can’t just post to your timeline about your business all the time and hope to see miracles happen. We will set  up your Facebook Business Page and connect your newsletter subscriotion service

I will also help you fill out your Social Media Calendar spreadsheet

~ I will introduce you to easy to use Graphic Design software you can use to design your own e-mail headers, logos, marketing material, Facebook, Linked-In & Twitter Banners, etc.

~ I will help you identify which social media platforms will work best for the kind of service or product that you are offering

~ You will learn how to start selling your services through Blog Marketing, and join blogging communities that will help build your reputation

Learn to tell your story and develop a brand that targets your ideal client throguh Linked- In, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Each platform has it’s own algorithm and way of doing things. For example: you aren’t going to ask your Facebook audience to click on your bio link @nenamlucero

Learn how to strategically schedule post weeks in advance without sounding too salesy

~ Learn to set your Landing Page on auto-pilot so you can focus on more important projects like talking to prospective clients.

To Help You Start Selling Your Services


~ Get excited and clear on exactly who you want to serve. We will schedule a date that you will commit to, to start selling your services (Launch Date).

~ We will walk through a plan of action and I will provide you with a campaign smart-sheet. This spreadsheet will give you a step by step guide on what to do to have a stress free Open-For-Business celebration. This process should never be rushed! But you have the opportunity to start selling your service the day after you meet with me or you can work towards your launch with as little as an hour or two a day.

~ You will be communicating with prospective clients and closing deals. I am giving you 20 client forms (client boundaries letter, new client e-mail, confidentiality agreement, credit card authorization form, rate increase letter, referral request, etc…)

Learn specific tips and strategies for developing content that speaks directly to your ideal client!

Gain strategic tips and grow your business by getting clients JUST by posting in Social Media


What Else Will We Cover During Our Calls

~ Uncover energy blocks that are preventing you from moving forward

~Develop a system that feels good to you to gain momentum in your business

~Start making the income and impact you’ve always desired

~Learn how to only work from a place of inspiration

~Prevent burnout, stress, and overwhelm

~Learn how to delegate the tasks that do not excite you

~Create space in your life for what’s important (like family and travel!)

~Create an unstoppable mindset to take your business to the next level

So how does this work?

  1. You will invest into my mentorship program
  2. I will send you a personalized contract and welcome pack to get you started on the right path. You will receive this within 24 hours of purchase
  3. I will send you a direct link to my calendar so you can book your 45 Minute Clarity Session. Plan to have a session within 3 days of purchase.
  4. At the beginning of each month we will pre-schedule the 3 remaining 45 Minute Sessions. We will be meeting 4 times a month.
  5. We will work on each Module at your own pace. The more thorough I can get with you, the less help you will need from me in the future. So this mentorship should not be rushed.
  6. While you start promoting and selling your services on social media, my mentorship will teach you everything you need to know about packaging your services like a pro. You will be able to start selling your services without having a full web-site
  7. During our clarity session, I will not be afraid to go deep with you so we can identify exactly what we need to do to create your dream life. We will work towards clearing energy blocks so we can help motivate the flow of money.

Your Investment

$97 A Month

(Your Time, Your Pace! We Can Take It One Month At A Time)


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