Get Noticed, Not Trashed!

You know what a resume does? It helps you get noticed. You know how it helps you do that? Yes, by your qualifications, but that isn’t always the case too. A resume is a way to impress the organization employing you and if you can do that, you will score anyways! So what can you do to get noticed, not trashed?
Yes, you do not just need skills and work experience; you need to put them in an effective manner to get noticed by an employer. Here is what all you can state in a resume:

  • State why the employer should hire you
  • Relate how you can help the employer with your skills
  • Make the employer go through some of your major projects
  • Make a resume that is well formatted and exudes confidence
  • Be confident and state what you can do without being over ambitious.


Often, education & qualifications aren’t what gets attention. And believe it, there is a dearth of quality resumes today. If you can impress your employer within the first 10 seconds, you just might have a chance.  A shabbily written resume of someone who has much more work experience than you, will weigh heavily against that person. It’s simple. Do what you can professionally – but do not forget to make your resume stand out from the crowd!

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