Are You Ready To:

Fall in LOVE with what you do?

I Understand You!

Wouldn't it feel great if...

    • You could take time off JUST BECAUSE?
    • You can turn your dreams into a reality?
    • Leave your 9-5 in just a couple of months?
    • You could work from wherever you wanted?
    • You had customers waiting to work for you?

Oh That's Just My Best Friend And I Hanging Out During Our Staycation at The Caesars Palace, Las Vegas In The Middle Of A Weekday While Everyone Was At Work

Trust me!

I know you're ready to live a life you don't complain about anymore Your so over the long office hours, and you're ready to learn how to start a business helping others

The only problem is...

You have no clue how to make this happen That's OK, When I first started my WORK-FROM-HOME JOURNEY, I had no clue where to begin. I just knew the kind of lifestyle that I wanted to live, but didn't know how to get there.
And that's why...
My Best Friend And I Hanging Out At The Caesars Hotel, Las Vegas In The Middle Of A Weekday


Is the perfect program to help make your dream life a reality. This is definitely for you if you're ready for fast results and don't have too much money to make it happen! I was once where you were, working 9-5 and making good money doing it too! Bit I was ready for something more. I'm a single mom and before I knew it, my kids were almost ready to fly the nest. Time had gone by way to fast! I realized that the 10 hours away from home wasn't worth the money anymore. That's when I knew that I wanted the flexibility to take the time off for the things that meant the most to me.  
My daughter and I touring Washington DC in the middle of a weekday



This Is For You If...

  • You dream BIG and want to make those dreams your reality
  • You're ready to travel whenever you want
  • You sit at work waiting for the clock to turn 5
  • You're ready to make a difference in someone else's life
  • You have a business idea but you don't know how to get it started

Oh that's just a picture of me in front of the Lincoln Memorial while my daughter and I toured Washington D.C. In The Middle Of A Weekday While Everyone Was At Work

  • OR you have too many ideas about a business and want to get lazer focused on what lights you up
  • You CANNOT wait for this anymore
  • You hate Sunday nights because you know its back to work you go
  • You know deep down you were made for so much more
  • You're ready to tap into your creative side and use your talents to CHANGE the world!

So, How Can I Help?

5 years ago, I was just like you working a 9-5. I was a DREAMER... A Solo Mom that had only wished to be able to work a flexible schedule to stay home with my family. I was an Associate Director for a Career Services Dept and I used to help people find jobs. I slowly started making resumes for people on the side. YES! I was making some extra money, but it wasn't the income that I needed to support my household. From resumes I started charging people to help them look for work.


The Universe forced me to make a decision. DO I WANT TO PLAY IT SAFE AND STAY AT THIS JOB? OR... WOULD I LIKE TO GIVE MY DREAM A TRY? There was one connection after another and before I knew it I became a Virtual Assistant.
Oh that's just Beverly Kyer and I at the Joyce Gordon Art Gallery in Oakland, CA. She flew me out to help out with her Book Launch Celebration. I made her over $700 in books sales in 3 hours.
This was a complete sink or swim situation for me. I wasn't getting a Full-Time payroll check anymore and I needed to bust my a$$ to bring in the same kind of money that I was used to. I spent countless hours learning how to's.... and trying the what if's... UNTIL I FINALLY DISCOVERED A SYSTEM. A SYSTEM THAT PEOPLE HIRE ME TO IMPLEMENT FOR THEM. AND IT KIND OF WENT OVER MY HEAD AT FIRST, BUT AFTER WORKING MY HOME OFFICE AND GRASPING FOR THE WIND FOR 2 YEARS.




And now I choose who I'd like to service on my terms and around a schedule that works best for me! Believe me, I know how hard your working! That's why I WANT TO HELP YOU!

I work for clients in different stages of their businesses, but I mentor start-ups like yours. I help creative entrepreneurs overcome their beginning business struggles so they can grow their dreams.

Beverly Kyer flew to me to Oakland for her book launch

So my question is this.

Do you have the time to hit and miss or would you like to learn how you can start selling your services right away?

I'm Offering 3 Months Of Mentoring:

Weekly Coaching Calls

Weekly Facebook Live, group coaching calls where me and my (hand selected) coaches will be answering your questions every week. PLUS Monthly 45 Minute Face-to-Face (via skype,zoom,google hangouts) Coaching sessions.

Self Study Work From Home Course

This 12 Month self study program is designed to help you reach your goals, work a flexible schedule, so you can start making money right away! You should be able to book your first clients without having a full website.


This Is What You Will Learn:


Create Your Offer

~ We will brainstorm ideas TOGETHER until we have a solid plan. We will map out enough promotion ideas to last you a year. I will provide Marketing Budget spreadsheets that I am going to help fill out for you. Don't worry, we will also talk about Marketing techniques that DO NOT cost any money.

~ Dive into the numbers side of things to guarantee your turning more clients into paying customers.

~ Get down to the nitty gritty on how to be setting your goals AND your prices so that your sales are helping you reach your goals

~ Learn to adjust your sales plan each month

~ Learn how ‘your voice’ can make or break your business

Sales Funnel Set-Up

~ We will map out your Landing Page and how the system will flow.

~ During our call we will choose a website name together. We will purchase your website name

~ You will learn lead generating systems nailed down to the T! Sales funnels, landing pages, and everything in between

~ You will learn how you can make passive income by offering what you know! Everyone wants it, let’s get yours to scream success over others

~ Learn to set your Landing Page on auto-pilot so you can focus on more important projects like talking to prospective clients.

E-mail List Building


~ We will brainstorm ideas to create your offer, FREEBIE or Opt-In. These will help you grow your e-mail list organically. You should know that your money is in the list!

~ I will help you get set-up with Newsletter subscription services

~I will help you set up an e-mail flow system with autoresponders that you can set and never have to touch again

~ I am even going to give you my e-mail templates ($149 Value)

~ I will teach you systems that FEEL GOOD and work for you!

~ You will learn lead generating systems nailed down to the T! Sales funnels, landing pages, and everything in between

~ You will learn how you can make passive income by offering what you know! Everyone wants it, let’s get yours to scream success over others

~ Learn to set your Landing Page on auto-pilot so you can focus on more important projects like talking to prospective clients.

Social Media & Blogging


~NO you can't just post to your timeline about your business all the time and hope to see miracles happen. We will set  up your Facebook Business Page and connect your newsletter subscriotion service

I will also help you fill out your Social Media Calendar spreadsheet

~ I will introduce you to easy to use Graphic Design software you can use to design your own e-mail headers, logos, marketing material, Facebook, Linked-In & Twitter Banners, etc.

~ I will help you identify which social media platforms will work best for the kind of service or product that you are offering

~ You will learn how to start selling your services through Blog Marketing, and join blogging communities that will help build your reputation

Learn to tell your story and develop a brand that targets your ideal client throguh Linked- In, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Each platform has it's own algorithm and way of doing things. For example: you aren't going to ask your Facebook audience to click on your bio link @nenamlucero

Learn how to strategically schedule post weeks in advance without sounding too salesy

~ Learn to set your Landing Page on auto-pilot so you can focus on more important projects like talking to prospective clients.

Start Selling Your Services


~ Get excited and clear on exactly who you want to serve. We will schedule a date that you will commit to, to start selling your services (Launch Date).

~ We will walk through a plan of action and I will provide you with a campaign smart-sheet. This spreadsheet will give you a step by step guide on what to do to have a stress free Open-For-Business celebration. This process should never be rushed! But you have the opportunity to start selling your service the day after you meet with me or you can work towards your launch with as little as an hour or two a day.

~ You will be communicating with prospective clients and closing deals. I am giving you 20 client forms (client boundaries letter, new client e-mail, confidentiality agreement, credit card authorization form, rate increase letter, referral request, etc...)

Learn specific tips and strategies for developing content that speaks directly to your ideal client!

Gain strategic tips and grow your business by getting clients JUST by posting in Social Media

~ By the time you are at this stage of the mentorship you will be ready to start looking for clients. 🙂

What Else Will We Cover During Our Calls

~ Uncover energy blocks that are preventing you from moving forward

~Develop a system that feels good to you to gain momentum in your business

~Start making the income and impact you've always desired

~Learn how to only work from a place of inspiration

~Prevent burnout, stress, and overwhelm

~Learn how to delegate the tasks that do not excite you

~Create space in your life for what's important (like family and travel!)

~Create an unstoppable mindset to take your business to the next level

So How Does This Work?

  • You will invest in the self study Work-From-Home program+ clarity session
  • I will send you a personalized contract and welcome pack to get you started on the right path. You will receive this within 24 hours of purchase
  • I will send you a direct link to my calendar so you can book your 45 Minute Clarity Session. Plan to have a session within 3 days of purchase.
  • I will be teaching the Work-From-Home course like a class. Example: Modules will be released once a month and you can review at your convenience.  The more thorough I can get with you, the less help you will need from me in the future. So this mentorship should not be rushed.
  • I will meet with you face-to-face once per month to work on things together. I will be available to help implement those frustrating tasks.
  • I will have LIVE weekly group coach calls through Facebook. I have hired other Guest Professionals for added support and perspective. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like!
  • While you start promoting and selling your services on social media, my mentorship will teach you everything you need to know about packaging your services like a pro. You will be able to start selling your services without having a full web-site
  • During our clarity session, I will not be afraid to go deep with you so we can identify exactly what we need to do to create your dream life. We will work towards clearing energy blocks so we can help motivate the flow of money.
  • Your Investment



    Payment Options Available!

    Why Work With Me?

    Because I know how you're feeling.

    For years and years I thought about what I wanted to do with my life - I knew I wanted to create my own freedom, but I didn't feel like it was possible for me to achieve.  What I can tell you is that although I was hesitant to go for my dreams - the other side is much better and I want to help you get there too.

    I've already been through the struggles of business start-up.

    And it isn't fun! I tried every method I could think of. I tried to re-create the wheel and failed.

    I'm passionate about what I do.

    I think because I struggled so long with finding my passion and purpose, that's why I'm so passionate about helping you!  I'm all about creating freedom in your life so you don't have to miss out on all the adventures life has to offer.

    I want to see you succeed.

    Nothing gets me more happy than having a client e-mail me that they have left their 9-5 or booked a client themselves.  I believe we are ALL made to do big things, it just takes a little discomfort to get you to step into the woman you were made to be.

    I'm not afraid to call you out on your B.S. when needed.

    I help you get out of your head when you're feeling stuck so the only path you'll be on is the one towards success.

    Your Investment



    Payment Options Available!