SEO Boost = 6 month plan - $699/mo


  • Niche specific (i.e. Dental/Orthodontic) link building (100% white hat)
  • SEO website optimization (I will walk through every page of your website and implement changes)
  • Google+ page SEO optimization
  • 50 local listings (like,, etc)
  • Set up Google Analytics (I will also teach you how to track improvements)

Marketing Guarantee: After 3 months, your site will double it's organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

(I will also install an analytics plugin to your website and teach you how to track your traffic)

Full Cycle SEO = 12 month plan - $1,499/mo


  • SEO rich website content & implementation
  • Local SEO optimization 
  • Blog creation (3 weekly SEO rich articles designed to attract targeted traffic)
  • Lead generation off of your site ( designed to drive new patient calls)
  • Professional staff photoshoot (for your website, google+, and local listings)
  • 50 local listings (like,, etc) 
  • Google+ page (including SEO optimization)
  • Niche specific (i.e. Dental/Orthodontic) link building (100% white hat)
  • Google Analytics setup, and integration 

Marketing Guarantee: Your website traffic will increase a minimum of 250 targeted visitors per month after 6 months (sometimes even before)