Let's Make 2018 Your Year!

Are you the Do-It-Yourself, I want to Work-From-Wherever I Want Entrepreneurial Spirit who is ready to start selling their service right away.

Do You Have What it Takes?

Answer the following questions honestly:

 Do you work well independently?

 Do you get along well with all different types of personalities, even those many people find difficult?

 Are you good at making decisions?

 Do you have the stamina to put in long hours and days?

 Are you good at planning and organizing?

 Do you have the motivation to keep going when things get tough?

 Do you have the self-control to set and meet deadlines without supervision?

 Can you remain focused and able to resist distractions?

 Do you have a good support system?

 Do you have adequate professional office experience?

 Do you have the technical expertise required?

 Are you able to market yourself and your services?

 Can you handle sitting at a computer all day?

 Do you enjoy working alone?

You Should Already Have An Idea:

#1 - The Kind Of Service You Want To Offer (Are you a VA or Coach? What would you like to do?)

Download my 7 page "IDENTIFYING YOUR NICHE PDF" for clarity

Check out this "30 Successful Business Ideas" PDF by Zero To Launch. This proves that there are NO bad ideas!

#2 - Have A Business Name (Or at least have a few names in mind)

I am my BRAND, so I named my business after me. And any business that does use its legal name as part of its business name DOES NOT have to file a fictitious name statement with a government agency. Here are 7 Tips For Choosing A Business Name by Legal Zoom.

This Is A Really Cool Resource By T.Marie Hilton - Business-Links-For-Registration-And-Startup

#3 - Choose A Website Name (Domain) Or At Least Have An Idea Of What You Want To Name Your Website

Why Work With Me?


Because I know how you're feeling.

For years and years I thought about what I wanted to do with my life - I knew I wanted to create my own freedom, but I didn't feel like it was possible for me to achieve.  What I can tell you is that although I was hesitant to go for my dreams - the other side is much better and I want to help you get there too.


I've already been through the struggles of business start-up.

And it isn't fun! I tried every method I could think of. I tried to re-create the wheel and failed. I'm here to help you through that...


I'm passionate about what I do.

I think because I struggled so long with finding my passion and purpose, that's why I'm so passionate about helping you!  I'm all about creating freedom in your life so you don't have to miss out on all the adventures life has to offer.


I want to see you succeed.

Nothing gets me more happy than having a client e-mail me that they have left their 9-5 or booked a client themselves.  I believe we are ALL made to do big things, it just takes a little discomfort to get you to step into the woman you were made to be.


I'm not afraid to call you out on your B.S. when needed.

I help you get out of your head when you're feeling stuck so the only path you'll be on is the one towards success.

Who is this for?

People Who Aspire To Become A Virtual Assistant or Coach And:

Would like to start their own small business

Would like to work from where ever they want

Would like to start their own business while working their 9-5

What Is The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp?

  • This is an intensive group coaching program that will prepare you for business in 3 months
  • Weekly Facebook Training Done By Your's Truly. 
  • BONUS - Webinars hosted from other Industry Leaders within the Online Marketing Community (Social Media, Video Marketing, Brand Marketing, etc...)

What If Need More Than Just Group Coaching?

I can offer one-on-one mentorship. You are not obligated and can cancel anytime! Ask me how?

What does my agenda look like?


Module One

What is your purpose?
What are your products?
Who is your ideal customer?
How are you planning to promote?
How much money do you want to make?


Module Two

Getting your mind right
Designing your website
Social Media Planning & Scheduling
Lead Magnet & Website Traffic
Email List Building
Sales Process
Everything Legal
Let's Start Selling!


Module Three

Cost Effective Advertising
Setting Systems In Place
Learning Who And What To Outsource
Developing a C.E.O. Mindset

What Will I Learn?

  • I'm going to show you how to set your business policies and set yourself up for success
  • I'm going to show you how to set your rates
  • I'm going to show you how to prepare your business for launch
  • I'm going to show you how to create processes for the day to day running of your home based business
  • I'm going to show you how to successfully start selling your service
  • I’m going to show you how to generate clients that pay you on a monthly basis over a long term
  • AND...I’m going to show you how to do all of this with simple tools that help your audience see you, know you and choose you


  • Some experience in a business office setting
  • Knowledge and ability to use a computer
  • Knowledge and ability to use online technology (i.e. browsers, email, cloud storage, etc.)

How Does This Work?

  1. You will make your investment
  2. A screen will pop up prompting you to join The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (Facebook Group)
  3. Learn to start your business (Participate In My Mastermind Program)
  4. Build Your Business (Self Study Course Includes: Video Tutorials & Downloadable PDF's) 
  5. Start Selling Your Services in 3 months

 Call 702-809-6497 Today, so we can figure out if this is the right thing for your and your business!